"The FANTASIA stands surrounded by HILLS, TREE HOUSES that act as beds, DRESSING rooms surrounded by plants, HIDDEN TREASURES and three-dimensional ILLUSTRATIONS"



 The project of this special MAGIC SUITE involved the challenge of creating surprise because its location is inside the FANTASIA.

The story is laden with symbolic icons associated with the characters and the legend itself. The physical contribution these icons make to the construction has been implemented through architectural details that help reinforce the story. 

The towers of the castle used to get there create a large circular sofa in the middle of the Suite on a carpet with floral graphics representing the Garden of the Hesperides. The space is covered by a skylight that lets a large amount of light into the different rooms.

The play area is a large hill made of foam like a huge organic sofa next to a swing. Above the swing, there is a graphic tree on the back wall symbolizing the tree of golden apples, represented by a rainfall of golden lamps.

The children's room is connected by a number of fun-coloured pipes they can use to get from one room to another.

Surface area - 130 m2 

Location  - Tenerife. Spain 

Photography - Adrian Mora Morato