"This is a FACTORY where DREAMS come TRUE, where dreamingis ALLOWED, where freshness, HAPPINESS and EMOTIONS form part of the SURROUNDINGS"



The premises and the distribution of the space have come together to form a whole new concept of Pool Restaurant based on colour and fun.

The distribution is based on the central island, which contains a large sculpture (a magical hat charged with positive energy). The interior projects a multitude of graphic, colourful elements that turn it into a space of fun.

There are four columns set around the central island and estudi{H}ac has turned them into red and white, like four giant sticks of candy.

The other areas, such as the menu service and buffet area (salads, desserts, ice cream and toppings) recreate a large fantasy machine offering joy for the senses, with food and entertainment in the leading role.

The wall separating this space from the terrace is a system of moving doors tailor-made for this project and representing the local plant life on the island by means of a graphic design made with metal sections.The exterior terrace combines all the colours of the interior to create a final explosion of colour, represented by a large mosaic created for the project.

Surface area - 600 m2 

Location  - Tenerife. Spain 

Photographer - Adrian Mora Morato