• Estudi Hac. JM Ferrero.
  • Estudi Hac. JM Ferrero.
  • Estudi Hac. Hac World. Atelier team
  • Estudi Hac. Hac World. Atelier team
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Jose Manuel Ferrero is the soul of estudihac, creative and resourceful as Phileas Fogg, he has a passion for creating elegant and exclusive designs. A real gentleman.
Passion showed in his work is palpable from the first moment. Discreet, Educated, elegant and immensely imaginative, Jose Manuel Ferrero design is a lifestyle that keeps you full creative activity.

The tailors of Savile Row and thoroughness when work has been
a benchmark since its inception. Attracted by the exciting methodology of these tailors, always I attracted a lot of attention these tailors built each piece as, adapting to each person for the simple reason that every client is unique.
These designers studied each person and work patterns and special carvings for everyone. Selected fabrics, colors ... Every detail that makes the suit in one piece.

Is the same tecnic that Jose Manuel decided to guide estudihac. Each project becomes unique designs and spaces, with timeless feel but with the point of surprise.


With a bag full of books of sketches, tailored suits, Oxford shoes and Penhaligon's
perfume, I portrait my feet as a personal tribute to Fogg. It's my way of leaving the track
01 with the idea of keep visiting that place and develops more projects and makes more
I look for simplicity and elegance in shapes, but always giving a new twist on
finishes. The extensive and thorough work with which I develop each project makes the
final result fantastic. Every project has a story behind it and I work to transmit it. I want
to provide the different style that characterizes my work, to create projects that are
surprising and commercial at the same time.